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Our Mission: Ethically-Made CBD

Our goal at Blue Sky Oregon is to provide the comfort-giving benefits of CBD in the  highest quality, most ethically produced, full spectrum CBD salves & tinctures available.

A Family-owned & Operated Oregon Hemp Farm

Blue Sky Oregon is nestled on the banks of the Clackamas River in Logan, Oregon, and the land we farm has been in our family for over a century. Family owned & operated for its entirety, it has seen many transitions. From the dairy and vegetable fields in the 19th and 20th century, to strawberries and hay, and now hemp, our land has taken care of us. In turn, we strive to be environmentally and socially conscious land owners.


In keeping with our family’s long-held respect for our earth and desire to positively impact our community, we are excited about our newest chapter: growing & selling hemp products. With clear Mt.Hood river water, clean air, and plenty of sunshine, it is the perfect place to grow high quality CBD. We are committed to using our family land with purpose, and we believe the benefits of CBD can be used to help the health of our customers, community, and the planet. 

Full Spectrum CBD Salves & Tinctures

By using only CBD flower our extract has a milder taste and higher potency with fewer undesirable components like chlorophyll, fats, & lipids.

Hay Barrels

How do you use CBD?

"We use Blue Sky Oregon CBD's Arnica Rub in our holistic dental practice...Highly recommended for anyone."

Brio Dental

"Blue Sky Oregon CBD's Full Spectrum Tincture and really enjoy it, thanks to Blue Sky Oregon CBD!"


Oregon City, Oregon

"I am so happy to have been introduced to Blue Sky Oregon CBD. As a massage therapist I have sampled numerous products and theirs stands out. It smells a little green but I prefer that to a lot of products out there that try to mask the scent. I recommend this to all my clients. My favorite is the arnica blend salve.

Thanks for the fantastic product and excellent customer service!"

Jen Zen LMT

"My husband, step-daughter and I have all been using your Physicians Blend for the past month, so thankful we found this product. Thank you!"


Portland, Oregon

"My partner and I absolutely love Blue Sky products!! We use the CBD tinctures for a variety of needs, but have been amazed how helpful it can be!"


Portland, Oregon

What's Inside?

Want to learn more about why our products stand out above the rest? Visit our ingredients page to find out what's inside our products and why.

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